The Hangover III is released today (May 23). After two quiet years without wild nights out, strippers, kidnappings and roofies, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha) end up back together for one more adventure. With Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong), Jade – the stripper (Heather Graham) from the first movie – plus new character Marshall (John Goodman) in tow.


Since the first two movies, stag dos the world over have trawled the planet looking for an equally wild time. We’ve tracked down the best locations from the trilogy in both Las Vegas and Bangkok, so you can follow in the footsteps of the Wolfpack…

In the first movie, the Wolfpack wakes in a haze to find a baby and a tiger in their hotel room. In some kind of twisted déjà vu, the cast end up here again in The Hangover III. While it’s not possible to book the exact same villas from the trilogy, the hotel does offer a special ‘Hangover’ package. You can opt for the Forum Tower Emperor Suite – it has two bedrooms, bathrooms, a powder room and nearly 3,000 square feet of space to cause mayhem in.

Hire a silver 1969 Mercedes Benz convertible (like the one in the film) and take a drive out to the Nevada desert, where the Wolfpack meet Mr Chow and swap cash for Doug in the first movie. They also end up threatened by gangsters here again in The Hangover III. Angry gangsters aside, that distinctive mountain backdrop is quite spectacular.

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Little White Wedding Chapel
While the Best Little Wedding Chapel from the film is fictional (it was temporarily built for the movie on Las Vegas Boulevard in a car park), it’s possible to visit a remarkably similar chapel right opposite. The 24-hour Little White Wedding Chapel is located at number 1301 on the same street. Surrounded by motels, sex shops and strip clubs, this unique chapel has a drive up wedding window, and is the very same place that Michael Jordan wedded Juanita Vanoy at 2.30am in 1989. It’s also where Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and Britney Spears and Jason Alexander tied the knot. Not far from here you can also see Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower, as seen in the Hangover III.

In The Hangover II Stu (Ed Helms) is getting married in Thailand. The calm before the storm starts with beautiful scenes of a resort, beside the Andaman Sea, on the pristine island of Krabi. Here we see the characters arrive in the grand lobby of the Sheraton, plus footage on the beach at the Ritz. This truly beautiful island offers opaque waters and views of the limestone karsts in the distance.

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In a desperate attempt to remember what they did the night before, Stu, Allen and Phil go to Ching Mei temple to meditate. While Ching Mei is not a real place, the setting is. The footage was taken at Ancient Siam – known as the world’s largest outdoor museum. Here visitors will find dozens of replicas of Thailand's famous buildings, from gothic Buddhist temples to Thai mansions – some are scaled to the exact size of the originals. If you’re looking to spice things up, there’s also a Crocodile Farm near by.

The third tallest building in the city is where a helicopter flies overhead and Mr Chow gets arrested in the Hangover II. The SkyBar, complete with gold-domed roof, offers panoramic views over the hectic, constantly evolving city. To honour the film, the building’s Lebua hotel also has a Hangover Suite large enough for a party, naturally.

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In the last film Phil, Stu, Alan and Mr Chow have a clandestine reunion in the Mexican border town of Tijuana. The scenes were not actually filmed in Mexico but in the dusty border town of Nogales, Sonora Arizona. The production team filmed around the Mexican-flavoured Morley Avenue area, transforming three blocks and 50 storefronts into Tijuana, complete with border crossing sign ("Tijuana – the most visited city in the world,") and buildings with signs like "Banco y Credito de Tijuana". Stop here to sit on the same bench where we see Mr Chow in the movie. The building behind the bench is the exterior of the flophouse where Mr Chow is holed up. Make your way to the real Tijuana via an atmospheric seven-hour desert drive west along Highway 8.

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Images courtesy of Arnold C, Larry D. Moore