The Derry Girls series 2 trailer is a glorious 90s nostalgia-fest

Channel 4 has released the first trailer for series two of Derry Girls and it's everything we wanted

Derry Girls Channel 4

To the soundtrack of Urban Cookie Collective’s dance hit The Key, The Secret and The Cranberries’ Dreams, Derry Girls is back with a brand-new trailer for series two – and it’s packed full of 90s references.


Yes, the teens (and the wee English fella) feature in a glorious one-minute trailer for the Northern Irish comedy, as Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson) and the gang experiment with eyeliner, get into Take That (aka “This and That”), and try out bold new fashion choices. Erin also accidentally comes up with the lyrics to the Home and Away theme song…

It seems Lisa McGee’s comedy drama is still everything we know and love.

“In season two of Derry Girls it’s definitely bigger and braver,” Jackson recently told at the Radio Times Covers Party. “I would say there’s no second album fare.

“Lisa [McGee] has really outdone herself. Not to say same old same old, but the girls are definitely in the same situation, still a disaster, still a bunch of selfish teenagers, still getting themselves into trouble and thinking they’re right at all times.”


Derry Girls series two is expected to begin on Channel 4 in March 2019

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