The best Arrested Development moments – from the chicken dance to the hot cops

As the Bluths prepare to return, we relive some classic off-the-wall moments from one of America's funniest comedies

The sizeable cult of Arrested Development fans in the UK will doubtless be cook-a-hoop at the news that the resurrected comedy show’s new series is going to be beamed into Britain early next year by Netflix.


Since its fondly-remembered original three season run came to an end in 2006, people on both sides of the Pond have been crying out for more off-the-wall laughs from the bizarre Bluth family and at long, long last they’re finally going to have their wishes granted.

With its innovative visual style, post-modernist leanings and note-perfect performances from its cast, Arrested Development was both one-of-a-kind and jam-packed with memorable moments.

And so, to whet your appetite for the show’s impending fourth season, take a trip down memory lane with us as we look back at some of the show’s funniest scenes…

Gob the Magician

Perennially underwhelming, Gob Bluth’s repertoire of terrible magic tricks nevertheless delighted fans of the show with their sheer awfulness. In this clip, his risible attempt to use magic to add drama to a brief, forlorn monologue ends in predictable failure.

The Chicken Dance

Gratuitously offensive to Mexicans and an entirely inaccurate representation of the mannerisms of poultry, this little dance, performed in different ways by all the Bluths, is one of the show’s most iconic running gags.

Pop Secret

Showing the full extent of the Bluth’s dysfunctional relationships with one another, this clip whips through as many life-shattering misunderstandings and revelations in a minute and a half as a soap opera would in six months.

Never Nude

Demonstrating the show’s masterful use of comic timing, inappropriate music and flashback footage, this clip explores Tobias’s rare but hilarious psychological disorder. And his Daisy Duke cut-offs.

Fire Sale

More silliness from hopeless would-be actor Tobias, who managed to completely balls up his audition for a TV commercial by focusing a little too closely on the ‘fire’ element of the term ‘fire sale’…

Hot Cops

Gob hasn’t got many friends apart from the Hot Cops, a group of male strippers he once worked for. Presumably they’ve still got some respect for the way he handled this difficult situation while he was on their payroll…


Are you looking forward to the return of Arrested Development? What’s your favourite moment from the show? Post a comment and let us know…