The Benidorm finale will be pure… Madness

Legendary ska rockers will perform for the Solana holidaymakers in the last episode of series 9


Wednesday’s night’s Benidorm series finale will go one step beyond – with a guest appearance from the band Madness.


Suggs and the boys will perform some of their greatest hits to the Solana holidaymakers and viewers will discover that the band know Jacqueline from her Swingers Association.

Jacqueline, AKA Tacky Jackie, the sexually voracious widow played by Janine Duvitski, turns out to be a big fan of Madness drummer Dan “Woody” Woodgate…


The episode will also see Joyce Temple Savage (Sherrie Hewson) and her team take the holidaymakers to the Benidorm Circus – with Jason Manford guest starring as the Circus boss.

Dame Joan Collins is back as Solana boss Crystal and if Joyce doesn’t have any more problems on her hands she faces a very interesting proposal from Monty (John Challis). It must be love?

But that is not it for fans of the comedy. Series ten will return next year with Hale & Pace and Shane Ritchie joining the series alongside the full time return of Tim Healy who was taken ill while filming the last series and had to be temporarily written out.


Benidorm is on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV