That’s nice! All Round to Mrs Brown’s will be back for a second series

Agnes's celebrity mischief isn't over yet...


Agnes Brown will be back in the building. The BBC have announced that All Round To Mrs Brown’s is set to return for its second run next year, meaning more close-to-the-edge celebrity interviews, ad-lib shenanigans and, yes, probably further unexpected romances…


Just what changes, if any, the show will make to its format isn’t yet clear, but we do know that Chef Aly will be back in the kitchen and Agnes’s neighbour Winnie will be dropping in at any time once again. We’ll have to wait to see whether The Cathy Brown Show will be returning to interview familiar faces, alongside Dermot and Buster’s efforts to make a success of their celebrity tours.


However, you won’t have to wait until the next series of All Round To Mrs Brown’s to see Mammy take over the small screen. As well as saying he was “thrilled” with the talk show’s reception and recommission, creator Brendan O’Carroll said: “Our focus right now is on the Christmas Specials of our regular Mrs Brown’s Boys show, although we are excited that 2018 will see party time at the Brown’s house again.”