Terry Gilliam and John Cleese clash on Brexit: “I just disagree with the way he perceives the world”

The director has described Britain’s ongoing withdrawal from the European Union as “terminally depressing” – while Cleese has vocally supported the move

Terry Gilliam (Getty)

Monty Python‘s Terry Gilliam has said he doesn’t agree with fellow Python John Cleese on Brexit.


Cleese has been a vocal supporter of leaving the EU and previously stated that he “didn’t want to be run by a bunch of European bureaucrats because they always look after themselves first”.

He more recently drew criticism for saying London was “no longer an English city”.

Gilliam has revealed he is scornful of Cleese’s support for Brexit and added that he has been left “terminally depressed” by the political situation in Britain and the States.

John Cleese (Getty, EH)
John Cleese (Getty, EH)

“John and I are the extremes of Python in many ways,” he told the Radio Times magazine. “I’m the instinctive, monosyllabic American and he’s the tall, very suave one.

“I love John enormously but I just disagree with the way he perceives the world.”

Gilliam, who renounced his US citizenship in 2006, described Donald Trump’s current campaign to be re-elected as president as “cringey” – and deemed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “a clown.”

“Both countries are completely buggered up, is all I can say,” he said. “So we’re getting to the raving loony party…we’re almost there now. The Tories are very close.”

With the political climate now as uncertain as it is, and with no viable alternative to vote for, Gilliam believes that there is only one man he can put his faith in.

“The only thing worth believing in is David Attenborough,” he said. “Everything else is just a joke. Best to ignore it…”


Read the full interview in the Radio Times magazine, out now