Fans of US comedy with a country twist will be pleased to learn that Stetson-sporting pop-sensation Taylor Swift will appear in the season two finale of Zooey Deschanel vehicle, New Girl.

We can’t tell you much about Taylor’s role in the show beyond this; her character’s name is Elaine – and she’s a wedding guest at the nuptials of one of the key characters from the comedy (who could it be?)

We’ll have to wait some time to find out how Swift looks on screen - the finale doesn’t air on E4 in the UK for some time (it screens in the US next week), but one thing’s for sure, the cast seem besotted with the 23-year-old after her brief appearance.

“She was on, she was fantastic – she’s so funny, and sweet and professional… and we loved having her.” Zooey Deschanel told Fox News.

Added her co-star Jake Johnson: “She came in and had a little monologue. Then she did it perfectly three times and left in a hurry.”

But the highest praise was dispensed by Max Greenfield, who injected a little Schmidt exuberance into his summary of the encounter:

“Let me tell you something about Taylor Swift,

“What a professional, and what a talent…

“I felt like we connected on a like a social level, where maybe we have fun working together, but maybe we can hang out outside of the show – it went really well. I’d love her to come back – maybe I’d go on tour with her.”

New Girl airs on E4 in the UK