Still Open All Hours – what did you think?

Granville’s corner shop opened its doors once again – and we want to know whether you bought into the comedy?

Poor jokes, Granville and that till, yes, Open All Hours returned tonight in all its fuzzily nostalgic glory.


Following the success of last year’s outing, Still Open All Hours is back for a full six-part series.

Arkwright’s nephew Ganville (David Jason) continues to be in charge, with tonight’s opening special seeing him struggle with the mind-boggling technology that is a money belt.

Boob jokes (“How well you are… both looking”) and goofy lines (“I think I may have dislocated my valuables”) ensure it’s as familiar as ever. And there was love in the air for Mavis as Granville turned matchmaker.


Was it a welcome return to the Yorkshire-based corner shop? Or is it time to put that till to bed? Let us know in the comments section below…