Star Wars’ Mark Hamill dedicated his cameo in Man Down to Rik Mayall

Luke Skywalker’s a massive fan of the late Bottom actor


As star cameos go, Mark Hamill’s in this week’s Man Down finale is up there among the best in a British sitcom. Yes, maybe even better than Patrick Stewart’s in Extras.


And Hamill’s small role as Bob, the mysterious and incompetent greasy spoon owner, in Greg Davies’s Channel 4 comedy just got even better.

The Star Wars actor took to Twitter to dedicate his role to comedy legend Rik Mayall, who appeared in Man Down as the ruthless prank-pulling father of Davies’s character Dan, until his tragic death in 2014.

The Universe’s most dignified Jedi Knight is an admirer of Bottom’s slapstick King? Yes, as Greg Davies previously told, Hamill is a huge fan of both British comedy and Mayall, which was one of the main reasons he joined Man Down.


Just think, after a long day in the Jedi Temple, Skywalker winds down with a bit of this…