South Park creators want to make a Book of Mormon film… but what would it be like?

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have said they've been inspired to take the mega-hit musical to the big screen

If you’re easily offended you should probably stop reading this now.


The controversial and phenomenally successful musical Book of Mormon could be made into a film  and we imagine it wouldn’t be for the faint hearted. 

The show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who are also behind South Park, have told IGN they are considering making a big-screen version of the hit musical.

“It’s something we want to do,” said Stone. “We don’t have any specific plans but yeah, we’d love to do it at some point.”

Since launching on Broadway in 2011, the hilarious and very daring production has been a mega-hit in the West End and it’s likely to draw in crowds when it goes to Melbourne in January 2017. 

“It’s going on in three different places in three hours and, like, now there’s a bunch of people in it that we’ve never met before,” added Parker.

“Just being able to kind of get a definitive version back together sounds like a good thing. Everything about it sounds fun, we just haven’t really talked about it that much yet.”

For those of you who haven’t seen the show, it’s a religious satire about American Mormons who go to Uganda to convert the locals to their religion. Except it doesn’t go quite as planned because, well, the foundations on which the Mormon faith is built seems more than a little shaky. 

Given that the show has had huge critical acclaim – the original Broadway production won nine Tony awards and the London show won four Olivier awards – a big-screen version would probably go down a storm. 

So would the film be live action or animation?

We don’t know what Parker and Stone are thinking yet, but since they are so well known for their animation and puppetry with South Park and Team America, it would be surprising if they made a live action film. An animation would surely also get away with far more politically incorrect scenes…


Equally, it would be extremely entertaining to watch real actors on-screen singing the musical’s most famous numbers like Spooky Mormon Hell Dream and Making Things Up Again…