Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss dresses up as Joan Crawford

The writer and star of Sherlock dons a red dress and lipstick for a role in Sky Arts' Playhouse Presents... Psychobitches

He’s no stranger to dressing up, having made his name in dark comedy The League of Gentlemen, but Mark Gatiss is almost unrecognisable in this feminine get up.


And the reason for his womanly attire? The 46-year-old – who is the brains behind Sherlock and also plays the detective’s brother Mycroft – is playing a catty reincarnation of Hollywood star Joan Crawford, alongside Frances Barber as Bette Davis, for Sky Arts’ Playhouse Presents… Psychobitches.

Playhouse Presents… Psychobitches sees a string of troubled female icons, such as the Bronte sisters, Sylvia Plath and Audrey Hepburn, visit a psychologist, played by Rebecca Front.

We’re sure you’ll agree that Gatiss, when wearing a dress and red lippie, makes a very convincing lady.

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Playhouse Presents… Pscyhobitches starts on Thursday 30 May at 9pm on Sky Arts 1