Series three of Parks and Recreation to air on BBC4

The third season of the US comedy starring Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope will begin showing in the UK in 2014

After airing the first two seasons of Parks and Recreation, BBC4 have acquired the rights to the third series.


The popular US comedy – set in the parks department of the fictional Indiana town of Pawnee – follows earnest bureaucrat Leslie Knope and her daily battles against office politics and the trials and tribulations of local government. 

Starring Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza, the third series also sees Rob Lowe join the cast as new regular character Chris Traeger who pays a visit to help with Pawnee’s troubled finances. 

Originally airing in the States in January 2011, the third season picked up its first Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series, with Poehler – who portrays Knope – receiving her second nod for Outstanding Comedy Actress. 


Parks and Recreation has been given the green light for a sixth run with an hour-long opening episode set in London. BBC4 will begin airing the third series in 2014.