You may or may not have heard that fan-favourite British comedy Miranda is in line for a US remake – and one of the series’ original stars wants in.


“Somebody told me there's going to be an American version of Miranda,” Sarah Hadland, who played Stevie, best friend and colleague of Miranda Hart’s titular lead character in the series, told

“There’ll be an American Stevie, surely. I don't know who would be an American Stevie.

“OK, I'll start my campaign to be in it.”

Currently, there’s no news on who will actually star in the Miranda remake (which is being created by The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons), but hey – if Richard Ayoade can cross over into the (admittedly ill-fated) IT Crowd remake, who’s to say Hadland couldn’t do the same?

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In the meantime, though, the actor has plenty to be getting on with, voicing a fictional corgi owned by Donald Trump for a new animated movie and soon to star in West End play Admissions, which examines the tensions between two families when their sons have different levels of success when applying for a prestigious college.

“You're kind of coming into the play at quite a tense moment, for these two families that have been so relaxed,” Hadland said.

“This friendship, and these families, are really tested according to what these results are. Because do their sons go on the same path, or do they go differently?

“And then I'm going to be a corgi,” she laughed.

“I'm going to be Donald Trump's corgi in an animated film. She's American, very squeaky. So that’s really good fun.”

If nothing else, it’ll be good American accent practise for the big Miranda remake audition…


Admissions, starring Alex Kingston and Sarah Hadland, begins its run at the Trafalgar Studios in London from 28th February