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Royal satire The Windsors will return for a second series on Channel 4

Exclusive: The edgy comedy about the Royal Family will be back in 2017

Published: Friday, 3rd June 2016 at 12:14 pm

Channel 4’s hit satirical royal comedy The Windsors is returning for a second series next year, can reveal.


The show, which engages our Royals in a cartoonish romp involving pregnancies and a vote to abolish the Monarchy, will be back for another six-part run in 2017.

The first series ends tonight with disaster apparently befalling the House of Windsor. Wills' campaign to abolish the institution has won the referendum, Prince Harry has become a revolutionary in the Republican cause and George Osborne is President. Can they be saved?

Other highlights of the series so far have included a ‘pregnant’ Camilla Parker-Bowles, an exiled Fergie, a ‘radicalised’ Beatrice and Eugenie, who suddenly fear they may have to take proper jobs, and Prince Charles facing the return of a love child that he allegedly had with a member of The Three Degrees.

The fearless comedy shocked some viewers with its sometimes extreme eviscerations – but many others noted that it was all done with a certain amount of fondness for the institution.

The comedy stars Harry Enfield (Prince Charles), Haydn Gwynne (Camilla) Morgana Robinson (Pippa), Louise Ford (Kate), Hugh Skinner (Wills), Richard Goulding (Harry), Katy Wix, (Fergie), Ellie White, (Beatrice), Celeste Dring (Eugenie), Tim Wallers (Prince Andrew) and Matthew Cottle (Prince Edward). It is not yet known which of the cast will return, but the majority are expected to feature in series two.

Written by the co-creators of Star Stories, Bert Tyler-Moore and George Jeffrie, the first series of The Windsors was the highest rating comedy series launch on Channel 4 since 2012, with 2.2 million viewers, and is currently consolidating at 1.6 million per episode.


C4 head of comedy Phil Clarke said: “We’re a nation who appears to enjoy poking fun at the institution of the monarchy almost as much as we enjoy staring at a hospital door waiting for a royal baby to be born and I am delighted to welcome The Windsors back to Channel 4 comedy for a second series.”


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