Rob Delaney: Why I have moved to the UK

US comedian and co-writer of the Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe tells Ben Dowell what he most loves about his new home - the NHS, children's playgrounds and fewer guns...

US comedian Rob Delaney has moved to the UK full-time – and he is loving it.


The writer and Twitter star made the trek across the Atlantic last year with his wife and two young children following the commission of the Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe which he has co-written with Sharon Horgan.

“I am insane about it,” he says about the move from his home in LA when we meet for a brief chat last week.

“At the moment my wife would like to move back because she misses her job and which I am sensitive to.

“But my kids think it’s great. I think it’s better than great. I love the NHS. I think that’s my favourite part. And I like that London is an old enough city and it probably learned through trial and error that you should put a fence around your playgrounds. Don’t put a playground next to a highway with a fence around it, that’s an idea. London is a safer big city for kids than other American ones.

“I also like that there aren’t firearms all over the place. Fewer people get killed. But the cop shows are better. Even watching Happy Valley – it’s so funny because guns would add to another whole element to that show and make it less tense and less interesting.”

As for how he will react if people don’t like the comedy, well that’s where you see his really sensitive side.

Check out our exclusive film below and you can see just how much it will hurt him….


Catastrophe airs on Channel 4 on Mondays at 10pm