The third season of madcap adult animation Rick and Morty arrives in the US on 30th July, and it has been announced that UK Netflix users will get the first episode of the new series on the same date.

New episodes of the show will be available every Sunday until 8th October, starting with the season premiere, The Rickshank Redemption, which was originally released as a surprise on April Fool's day earlier this year.

This means that Netflix UK will be a week behind US viewers, as they will be jumping directly to episode two on 30th July.

The show has been on an extended hiatus, with series co-creator Dan Harmon citing the difficulty of writing such intricate one episode adventures. Season two first aired back in July 2015.

In recent weeks the new season has been teased via numerous short trailers and featurettes, the highlight of which is a kaleidescopic trip through various animation styles and universes set off by Morty dropping a beaker of acid on the ground. Watch below.

This past weekend, 4000 Rick and Morty fans got a preview of the new season at Comic Con at San Diego:

Fingers cross it lived up to the hype.