Peep Show series eight, episode two preview: Jez woos his therapist over lunch – video

Watch a clip of this Sunday's episode of the sitcom, in which Jeremy takes his therapist out on a date

Can’t wait ’til Sunday for another glimpse of the new series of Peep Show? No probelm – you can check out a clip from this weekend’s episode right here…


Last week we saw Jez facing up to the fact that he’s never going to make it as a musician and, as a result, entering a course of therapy.

He worked his way through a number of therapists in that instalment of the series, but by episode two he’s clearly found one he feels comfortable with. I’m sure the fact that she’s both attractive and blonde had absolutely no bearing on his decision…

Anyway, in this sneak peek at series eight’s second episode, Jez has taken his latest head doctor or “life coach” out for a bite to eat in a local restaurant.

Ever vigilant, he begins by ordering what he thinks are the ‘right’ items from the menu to impress his shrink. Naturally, he makes rather a hash of things and comes over as awkwardly as ever:

To see the rest of the episode, you’ll have to tune in to Channel 4 at 10:00pm this Sunday.


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