Outnumbered will be back for a one-off special as soon as next year according to creator Andy Hamilton.


The comedian and writer said that he and co-creator Guy Jenkin have plans for an Outnumbered special to catch up with what the Brockman family did next – although he'd rather not have it run as a Christmas special.

“We hope to visit the family for a kind of one-off," Hamilton told Fubar Radio according to The Sun. "Me and Guy, on our wall, in our office, we have a list of ideas we are trying to work out.

“We’ve done a few Christmas specials, but you kind of disappear in a big gap of Christmas programming. We’re kind of inclined to do it somewhere else if we can," he said.

"That’ll be a discussion me and Guy have to have between ourselves and then the BBC. We’re hoping to film it next year.”

Tyger Drew-Honey played teenager Jake in Outnumbered

The comedy starring Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis as parents Sue and Pete Brockman began in 2008, when kids Karen (Ramona Marquez), Ben (Daniel Roche) and Jake (Tyger Drew-Honey) were five, seven and 11.

Daniel Roche played Ben

By the time Outnumbered ended in 2014, hulking Ben was on the edge of teenagerdom, Jake was as moody as ever and Karen had become a precocious pre-teen with a new hair-do.

Ramona Marquez played Karen

If the show returns to film next year, Jake will be 19 (and at university?), and both Ben (15) and Karen (13) will be mid-way through secondary school.


Hamilton has previously said he's long planned to film another special, although he didn't believe the show could return for a full series: "Probably not as a series, but we are hoping to do some one-offs, where we catch up with the family and see what stage they're at now."