So Outnumbered is over. The final episode of the improvised family comedy aired on BBC1 last night. And we're not alone in thinking this is the end of an era.


Twitter was awash with tears, farewells... (and declarations of 'I am Spartacus')

Very sad that #Outnumbered has drawn to a close. Such a clever and brilliantly cast comedy.

— Stacia Silverweb (@StaciaSilverweb) March 6, 2014

Watched the last episode of outnumbered last night and it was great! Left me smiling but gutted that's the end :-(

— Rachael Clark (@RachaelClark811) March 6, 2014

Goodbye! : ( #outnumbered

— India Knight (@indiaknight) March 5, 2014

Last episode :( what a shame @BBCOne #Outnumbered #sadtimes

— Rachel Nye (@RachieNye) March 6, 2014

Sad that there will be no more Outnumbered.

— Diane Simmons (@scooterwriter) March 6, 2014

For some fans, it just all got too much...

Finished watching Outnumbered. *sobs openly*

— Daniel Hardcastle (@DanNerdCubed) March 6, 2014

Some struggled to let go. You've got to stop watching it at some point, Brammall.

In literally any form.

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Other fans seemed to have missed the news that last night's episode was the final. Ever.

Crying at Outnumbered's Sparticus. I hope this episode wasn't the last one!

— Cherry Pop (@FoolOnTheHills) March 6, 2014

Sorry, Cherry Pop...

Omg, was it the last ever outnumbered last night? ?

— liv snooks (@oliviasnooks) March 6, 2014

Erm. Yes, yes it was Liv Snooks.

Meanwhile, over at BBC HQ, emotional farewells were pushed aside as their Twitter accounts battled it out to be Spartacus.

Well played, BBC. Well played.


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