Netflix boss: We’d love to do more Arrested Development

“If we can muster up that love again, we’d love to do it again,” says chief content officer, Ted Sarandos

Netflix may still produce further seasons of Arrested Development, or could even be involved in a movie, despite CEO Reed Hastings previously suggesting season 4’s comeback was a one-off. 


The company already has a deal in place offering Netflix first refusal on such deals, according to Ted Sarrandos, chief creative officer for Netflix.

“We would love to do more, and we have a deal in place that says that there could be,” he told THR.

He says it’s simply the logistics of uniting the very busy cast and crew that may stop a season 5, not the lack of interest from Netflix. 

“They were all working full-time and doing this show in between, and they did it for the love of the show and for Mitch Hurwitz. If we can muster up that love again, we’d love to do it again. And we have talked openly about a movie scenario, too.”

US comedy Arrested Development, which stars an ensemble cast including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera and David Cross, ran for three seasons on Fox from 2003 to 2006.  Last year Netflix announced they were to revive the series with its original cast.

Season 4 will be available in its 15-episode entirety from 8:01am on Sunday 26 May exclusively on Netflix.


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