Mrs Brown’s Boys to return for Christmas 2013

Two new episodes of the comedy have been commissioned by BBC1

Two new epsiodes of Mrs Brown’s Boys, the comedy sitcom following Irish ‘mammy’ Mrs Brown and her offspring, have been commissioned by BBC1.


There had been rumours that creator, writer and star Brendan O’Carroll would be too busy to pen any new episodes and that fans would have to wait until 2014 for more of the fictional family’s escapades but the new instalments are set to air over Christmas 2013.

The sitcom has received a lukewarm reception from many critics, but has proved popular with viewers. Mrs Brown’s Boys recently took home best situation comedy at the National Television Awards, and the crude comedy doesn’t fail to impress in the ratings either – this year’s Christmas specials, which aired on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, were each watched by a huge average audience of more than 8 million.

BBC’s Head of Comedy Mark Freeland says: “Last Christmas Agnes Brown was stuck halfway up the Christmas tree. This year in every way she will be the star at the very top. I can’t wait.”

While creator, writer and star Brendan O’Carroll said: “I’m thrilled that the BBC has asked us to be part of its Christmas again this year. It’s a great privilege to be invited into people’s homes at such a magical time of year.”

Brendan O’Carroll recently confirmed that he is working on a Mrs Brown’s Boys film. Talking to at last week’s NTAs, O’Carroll said: “It’s an hour and 90 minutes long and it’s really good.”

Watch our exclusive interview with Brendan O’Carroll:


The third series of Mrs Brown’s Boys is currently on Mondays at 9:30pm on BBC1.