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MPs roll out Dad's Army catchphrases in tribute to Jimmy Perry

A few zinger (and duds) were delivered after a celebration of the sitcom creator

Published: Friday, 28th October 2016 at 9:31 am

The House of Commons has celebrated the legacy of Jimmy Perry – the creator of classic comedy Dad’s Army who died on Sunday aged 93 – by shoehorning his catchphrases in parliament.


The best effort was from leader of the house Valerie Vaz, who after paying tribute to Perry said "It struck me that you could hear those catchphrases ringing around Number 10, so we hear the cry of 'Don't panic! Don't panic!'

"Or as the Prime Minister slaps down her recalcitrant and wayward colleagues you can hear her muttering 'stupid boys'.

"When you ask their position on Brexit, the infamous 'don't tell 'em Pike!'."

[massive applause emoji]

Commons Leader David Lidington also tried a Dad’s Army reference in his retort, which would have been really funny if it made sense:

He said: “I do think when I look across at the Opposition, in particular when I look at their faces during Prime Minister's Questions, the phrase that comes into my mind is 'they don't like it up 'em'."

And then SNP's Commons leader Pete Wishart joined the jokes by saying: "I would hate to say that we are all doomed but perhaps we are under this particular Government."


Still, this is news that gives a chance to remind you of a few genuinely brilliant Dad’s Army moments. Enjoy.


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