Julian Barratt has said that he’s looking to reunite with comedy partner Noel Fielding for a Mighty Boosh reunion.


Although the Flowers star didn’t reveal when the pair might work on new Boosh material, but did say the comedy troupe hoped to embark on a future live show.

“We think we might do something live at some point for people who grew up on us who want to see us,” Barratt told RadioTimes.com and other press. “We'll see where we go from there. That'll be in a bit. I don't know when.”

Could the surreal comedy ever return to screens as well? “I don't know, we'd have to get back on the Boosh-mobile first,” said Barratt. “It was so all-consuming when we were doing and we both do different things at the moment. We’d need to get back on that horse, if you know what I mean.”

The Mighty Boosh
Julian Barratt (L) and Noel Fielding performing together in 2009

However, despite working on other projects, both Barratt and Fielding still remain friends and stay in close contact. “Noel and I are still friends. He's had a daughter and I've got boys and we're doing that for a bit […] He lives very close to me, so I do actually see him most days,” Barratt explained, joking: “He never sees me, but I see him.”

He added: “When I had kids and he was tripping the light fantastic and heading out all hours of the night, he'd be getting back in the small hours and I'd be taking the kids out at dawn in a pushchair. We were in different time zones. And now it's fun to see him in the mornings looking bedraggled by parenthood.”

Filmed before lockdown, Barratt is set to join another comedy duo – Simon Pegg and Nick Frost – in upcoming supernatural sitcom Truth Seekers, launching on Amazon Prime Video. The show is set to follow a team of part-time paranormal investigators (led by Frost’s Gus) as they stumble on an apocalyptic conspiracy.

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Barratt's role in the Truth Seekers cast? Dr Peter Toynbee, a slick and mysterious character only seen briefly in the show’s trailers. Although not able to give too many details away about his part, Barratt did offer a few hints what to expect.

“He's a smooth operator and a man on a mission,” he teased. “He's quite logically heading somewhere better and he doesn't care about the people he throws under the bus on the way.”

While keeping tight-lipped about his character, Barratt opened up about series’ tone, which he says will be in line with the Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and World’s End).

“The scripts are eerie, frightening, funny in equal mix,” he explained. “It's like the films that Simon and Nick have previous made: the comedy is there and the horror and all the other stuff is not thrown away. It's given its due. It is scary to a certain extent,”

Barratt added: “It'll have scary moments, definitely. My kids love scary stuff. They've seen too much. I make them watch The Ring every night. Just before bed. They haven't slept for four years.”


Truth Seekers is coming to Amazon Prime Video. Check out our lists of the best Amazon Prime series and best Amazon Prime movies. Sign up to an Amazon Prime free trial here. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide.