Chelsea Handler's latest series Chelsea Does... dropped on Netflix this weekend. It's four brand new episodes. 276 minutes of documentary gold. It's your next binge sorted, right?

Well, maybe. But who actually is Chelsea Handler?

Chelsea Handler is an American comedian, actress and television presenter. She's outspoken, controversial, no-nonsense and far from afraid of offending. If you haven't heard of her, that's understandable; she only recently made her UK debut, with stand-up show Uganda Be Kidding Me.

What does she do?

She does stand-up. She's also presented The Chelsea Handler Show and late-night celebrity talk show Chelsea Lately on E! She's written a number of books including: My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands; Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea; and Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me. She's had columns in magazines and has a celebrity 'squad' that includes Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Jenny McCarthy. And she has a new series on Netflix called Chelsea Does...

She also once went up against Piers Morgan. And won.

So she has Twitter?


She also has Instagram. Follow her for pictures of her dogs and the odd semi-nude selfie.

And she's on Netflix now?

Yep. Chelsea has admitted she's not sure what this whole streaming malarky is but she's now part of the on demand revolution. Chelsea Does... is a provocative, no holds-barred look at marriage, racism, Silicon Valley and drugs. The four-part Netflix documentary asks all the questions we "are too afraid to ask... all with her wry and unique sense of humour."

What's it like?

Funny, crude, rude (and occasionally a little bit painful.) It's very Chelsea-centric, made up of chats with her friends and family. The first episode sees her interview her first boyfriend and grill a class of pre-schoolers about marriage and whether they think she has a good figure. In the drugs episode she smokes weed with Willie Nelson. Vegas hen parties and "alternative" wedding bouquet's aside, she deals with hefty issues in an irreverent way.

Can I watch a clip?

You sure can.

Chelsea Does... is available now on Netflix