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Mayim Bialik reveals first-look at Amy's dress and Sheldon's socks ahead of Big Bang wedding

The #shamy wedding is almost here, guys

The Big Bang Theory
Published: Tuesday, 24th April 2018 at 1:06 pm

It's set to be the wedding of the year, and now Mayim Bialik has shared a sneak peek at Amy's dress and Sheldon's very Sheldon socks as they film the pair's Big Bang Theory wedding.


Mayim had previously tweeted a picture of herself and Jim Parsons doing the dress rehearsal - and now it looks like their big day is finally here.

It seems as though Amy has gone for a rather traditional lace number, with Sheldon plumping for The Flash socks. Really, what else would he wear?

After the season 10 cliffhanger finale last summer, spoke to Mayim who at the time said she wasn't sure whether or not Amy would say she wanted to marry Sheldon.

“I honestly don’t know what her response will be,” Mayim told us. “And I could see her saying no or yes! It’s really up to our writers to come up with how this moment will play out, and they might not even know at this time which way they want to take it!"

She also added: “I think there have been a lot of special occasions on the show already – several weddings and a baby,” she explains. “I’m not sure that we need to have a Sheldon/Amy wedding, but again, that’s up to the writers!”


Well, thankfully, it looks firmly as if we're getting one!


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