Matt LeBlanc meets a familiar face as Friends reunite in Episodes

You've got a one in five chance at guessing who it is...

The Matt LeBlanc comedy Episodes has been on form this series, partly because it has been unafraid of pushing the boundaries of taste.


And tonight’s episode of the David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik comedy is no exception as Matt’s comedy alter-ego agrees to a lucrative celebrity appearance at a fictional foreign dictator’s birthday party in order to alleviate his growing financial worries.

It’s either taking money from a war criminal or a sex tape leak, as far as Matt is concerned.

And as we will see – and don’t read on if you don’t want any spoilers – we find that a co-star from the hit comedy Friends also has other ideas when it comes to taking money from this disreputable source, none other than…David Schwimmer.

(As well as a spoiler warning, we have to stress that Episodes is entirely fictional and that neither the real LeBlanc or Schwimmer would ever behave like this!) 


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