Listen to a preview clip of Benedict Cumberbatch in Cabin Pressure

Can't wait for episode three of John Finnemore's radio comedy? Whet your appetite with this tasty teaser...

In tomorrow night’s episode of Cabin Pressure, Carolyn is going on holiday, leaving her tiny charter airline, MJN Air, in the ‘capable’ hands of her crew Martin, Douglas – and Arthur, who is put in charge of the fictional fax machine. But by the sounds of this preview clip of tomorrow’s episode the crew are, indeed, under pressure following Margaret’s strict instructions on how to run the ship (or, er…plane). 


And to top it all off, MJN Air are in for a surprise this week when they are trusted with royal cargo in the form of a real live king… How will they cope?


Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam and John Finnemore, don’t miss tomorrow night’s episode on Radio 4 at 6:30pm to find out.