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Larry David: I haven't given up hope for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Fans might get to see more cult comedy from the king of awkward after all logo
Published: Tuesday, 30th September 2014 at 10:24 am

Some prettay, prettay, prettay good news: Larry David wants to do more Curb Your Enthusiasm, although you won't be watching a new series of the cult comedy anytime soon...


At a Los Angeles Q&A event with Larry David and director David Steinberg, David was asked about Curb Your Enthusiasm which aired its eighth series in 2011 with no certainty about its future. The question of how many seasons will be made has long been a hot topic of debate among fans of the hit comedy in which David plays an exaggerated version of himself whose indifference to social norms lands him in agonisingly inappropriate situations.

“After eight seasons on ‘Curb,’ I’m just not sure my ideas are gonna be good enough for a whole season,” said David.

When a heckler called out, “Yes, they will!” David replied, “I’ve been heckled a lot, but that was the nicest one.”

Talking about his loyal fans, he added: “I feel bad that I don’t have shows for them...and I haven’t given up the hope.”

In May, Robert B Weide, producer of the show's first five series, told that if David wanted to do more Curb, they would "come round and do it again."


Now we know David hasn't ruled it out, it's looking more likely that fans might just get their ninth season of Curb. We hope he gets brainstorming because if the the king of comedy hasn't given up hope, we certainly won't.


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