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The Kissing Booth star Joey King says "fingers are crossed" for a third movie

Netflix might reveal the next chapter in Elle's story - but it's all up to the fans.

Joey King in The Kissing Booth 2
Published: Friday, 24th July 2020 at 2:30 pm

The star of Netflix romance The Kissing Booth and its sequel, The Kissing Booth 2, has spoken out on her hopes for a third film in the series.


Joey King plays Rochelle 'Elle' Evans in the young adult romcoms, who spends the first movie battling the feelings she has for her best friend's older brother, Noah.

The sequel hits Netflix this weekend and depicts the next stage in their relationship, as Noah begins studying at Harvard while Elle needs to finish her final year of high school.

The first film was a runaway hit and it appears The Kissing Booth could become a trilogy if the sequel reaches similar levels of success, as King was asked about a The Kissing Booth 3 on NBC's Today programme.

“Well, me and the cast have been talking and we want that so bad,” she said. "We’re kind of relying on the fans to help us out. They loved the first one so much. They’re the reason that we got a sequel.

"So if they love this one and they make it known to the world and to Netflix, our fingers are crossed that Netflix will give us a third movie. Because that’s what we want really badly."

Without giving away any spoilers, The Kissing Booth 2 leaves the door wide open for a follow-up, so there's plenty of reason to be hopeful if fans can spread the word far enough.

King stars opposite Joel Courtney (Super 8), Jacob Elordi (Euphoria) and Maisie Richardson-Sellers (DC's Legends of Tomorrow) in the sequel.


The Kissing Booth 2 is available to stream on Netflix. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide to the best series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide.


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