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Karen Gillan's US sitcom Selfie is cancelled

The former Doctor Who star's ABC show about a social media obsessive failed to impress in the States logo
Published: Saturday, 8th November 2014 at 10:25 am

Karen Gillan's new sitcom Selfie – in which she plays Instagram-lover Eliza – just hasn't had enough likes.


The former Doctor Who companion's show, co-starring John Cho (Star Trek) and Homeland's David Harewood, has been cancelled by US network ABC after it failed to pull in enough viewers.

Playing a vapid and social-media obsessed Eliza who seeks the guidance of marketing genius Henry (Cho) to help rebrand her image, Gillan received positive reviews for her performance but the programme's ratings bombed early on.

And although Selfie had its share of defenders – and was recently nominated for a People's Choice Award – many critics and fans felt that Gillan's talents deserved a better show.

It is still unclear whether the remaining seven episodes of Selfie's 13-part series will continue to air on ABC since the network's decision not to commission any more – or whether the show will ever find its way onto UK screens.

Gillan, who starred in box office hit Guardians of the Galaxy earlier this year, took to Twitter to thank her fans, saying that she "had a blast playing that role."

Gillan's Selfie co-star John Cho also tweeted a simple 'thank you' which we assume was for the sitcom's fans.

And Homeland's David Harewood, who plays rich, confident Sam, president of the company where Gillan's character Eliza works, quoted wise words from actor David Morrissey...

The cast seem to have taken the cancellation in their stride. And we're not worried about Gillan's future— now that she's mastered the American accent, maybe she could re-appear in Doctor Who for a transatlantic episode in which she teaches the Time Lord a very 2014 lesson in the power of social media?


And in the meantime, she's got plenty of roles lined up, appearing in upcoming rom-com The List, Western flick In a Valley of Violence and star-studded HBO movie 7 Days in Hell with Lena Dunham, Kit Harrington, Andy Samberg and more.


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