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John Cleese wants to be in the next series of Hoff the Record says David Hasselhoff

The Fawlty Towers and ex-Python star has formed a bond with the Baywatch man - and the two are keen to work together on the next series of the Dave comedy logo
Published: Tuesday, 2nd June 2015 at 3:23 pm

There have been some unlikely celebrity friendships down the years, but is especially tickled to learn that Knight Rider and Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and Monty Python comedian John Cleese are good buddies.


The Hoff is a big fan of Fawlty Towers (below) and told us that Cleese wants to appear in the second series of his spoof documentary comedy Hoff the Record for Dave, which has been recommissioned before the first run has even aired.

"We have been commissioned for a second series of Hoff the Record and John Cleese tells me he wants to be in it," Hasselhoff told us. "We're looking at ways of making that work."

The new comedy imagines the former Baywatch star down on his luck and keen to kickstart his career in England. At Stansted airport in episode one he's greeted by a mini-cab driver and an inept, inexperienced assistant, before being taken to a downmarket hotel where he is subjected to various humiliations.

These include being forced to audition for a part as himself (which he fails to get). In an audition room for a fictional Hoff biopic, a dwarf actor scheduled to play the "child Hoff" is then deemed to give a better performance than the man himself.

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“It’s not reality television, thank god. It’s fun,” said Hasselhoff.

Hoff the Record begins on Dave on June 18th at 9pm


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