John Bishop: “My mates think my career is ridiculous”

The comic’s friends think they’re funnier than him – and he’s “not bothered” about stand-up

The comedian returns for a new series of John Bishop’s Britain on Saturday (BBC1), but in an interview with Radio Times, he says it took a while to convince his friends he deserved it…


“My mates think this is all an absolute shower of b*****ks. They think it’s just ridiculous. When I go out with my mates I’m never the centre of attention. Most of them, and they’re probably right, keep telling me they’re funnier than I am.”

But they do seem to be coming round to the idea that he might just have some talent. “At the end of my last tour a few of them came to Wembley. I got a standing ovation and they said, ‘All right, you’re not bad.’”

Then again, Bishop claims that if he wasn’t a successful stand-up, he wouldn’t care.

“I’m not really bothered. I’ve not invested my soul in it, I just love doing it. If for whatever reason I couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t feel I’ve failed.”


Read the full interview with John Bishop –  in which he discusses his “depression”, his vegetarianism and his passion for Liverpool FC – in the latest issue of Radio Times, on sale now.