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Jesse Eisenberg wants to appear on The Big Bang Theory

But he has a VERY specific role in mind

Published: Sunday, 29th May 2016 at 2:18 pm

Over its nine-season run US sitcom The Big Bang Theory has become famous for its celebrity cameos, with stars from Leonard Nimoy and Wil Wheaton to Stephen Hawking and Charlie Sheen popping up to play themselves or other characters and poke fun at their own reputations in the geeky comedy.


And now, the series might be able to add another famous face to its guest star repertoire – Batman vs Superman and The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg, who has revealed that he’s desperate for a part in the series.

“Yes yes – I want to be on the show,” Eisenberg said to the crowd at London’s MCM comic-con, where he was on a panel with Big Bang Theory actors Kunal Nayyar (with whom he’s currently appearing in West End play The Spoils) and Melissa Rauch.

“I’ve spoken to [series showrunner] Mr Chuck Lorre about being on the show, I’ve spoken to Mr Nayyar about being on the show. But I have a stipulation.”

“I play Kunal’s biological brother and no-one says anything about it. No questions asked. I come right off the plane from Delhi, I walk in, no-one questions it.”

We can just about see it happening – stranger things have happened in The Big bang Theory, no doubt – but if that doesn’t work out, Rauch (who plays Bernadette in the series) has another plan for Eisenberg’s cameo. After all, she’ll need someone to play her character’s baby once it’s born…

“I think along with Jesse’s idea of Jesse just showing up…can you be my baby?” she asked the actor. “I want to birth Jesse Eisenberg!”

“That’s the greatest idea – our ratings would hit the roof,” added Nayyar.

But if none of that comes to pass, Eisenberg can probably just enjoy the show as a fan – because it turns out he loves the E4 omnibuses shown in the UK as much as any of us.

“Before the play, he had never seen the show – and now, every morning we come to get warmed up for the play and he says ‘Oh dude, I saw two episodes last night,’” Nayyar recalled.

“The show plays every night in like a block here, so I watch it every night,” Eisenberg agreed. “I watch like three episodes a night. I absolutely love the show.”

So there you have it – hours spent pointlessly watching E4 repeats appeal to Hollywood stars too. Truly, they’re just like us.


The Big Bang Theory is on E4 tonight (Sunday 29th May) from 5.30pm


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