Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education gets a Christmas special

The BBC3 comedy's second series co-starring Mathew Horne and Sarah Solemani reaches its conclusion next Tuesday

Jack Whitehall’s BBC3 comedy series Bad Education has been handed a Christmas special.


The show – set in the fictional Abbey Grove School with Whitehall playing hapless teacher Alfie Wickers – is nearing the end of its seven-part second series which concludes next Tuesday, with a preview of the finale available on BBC iPlayer from tomorrow evening.

Co-starring Mathew Horne as useless headteacher Mr Fraser and Sarah Solemani as earnest Miss Gulliver, the series will return this December with what will presumably be dose of festive misbehaviour from the likes of Joe, Mitchell, Chantelle and the rest of Form K.


And for any Bad Education fans pre-empting withdrawal symptoms during the school’s two-month absence from our screens, Whitehall has penned the Bad Education Teacher’s Handbook with his co-writer, Freddy Syborn, packed full of Alfie’s teaching methods, pupil reports and, er, the graffiti found in staff toilets…