Is Sheldon Cooper getting his own Big Bang Theory prequel?

How did Sheldon Cooper come to be the odd man he is today? A new TV spin-off could reveal Jim Parsons' character as a teen


Forget the Young Han Solo movie: we could soon be seeing the much geekier Young Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory prequel.


The TV spin-off would focus on Sheldon, the neurotic genius played by Jim Parsons, in his younger years growing up in Texas.

We already know that Sheldon was a child prodigy with a genius-level IQ and zero social skills. His mum is a devout Christian; his dad an alcoholic and absentee father.

The young Sheldon went off to college at the age of 11 and graduated at just 14, before beginning work on his doctorate.

It’s not clear if Laurie Metcalf would return to the role of Sheldon’s mum Mary Cooper, which she has played as a recurring guest star.

Variety reports that the project is in development with Warner Bros and CBS and is nearing a script deal.

Parsons is expected to executive produce the spin-off alongside Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro and co-creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady.

The long-running comedy is now in its 10th season, with more potentially in the pipeline – although Kaley Cuoco recently hinted that the show may have reached its natural end.


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