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Introducing Simon Cowell... as a Newzoids puppet

The Britain's Got Talent judge, model Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss are the latest celebrities given a makeover by ITV's satirical sketch show logo
Published: Wednesday, 22nd April 2015 at 5:08 pm

His famously high-waisted trousers haven't made the cut but there's no mistaking that smug smile: it's a rubbery Simon Cowell.


The Britain's Got Talent judge's new look – in which his cleft chin gets star billing – is courtesy of ITV's impressionist comedy, Newzoids, which continues tonight.

Models Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss also have cameos in which they look less glossy than usual, as this sneak-peek reveals:

Newzoids, which looks suspiciously similar to 80s and 90s satirical comedy Spitting Image, is a six-part series featuring the voices of impressionists Jon Culshaw and Debra Stephenson – and apparently, anything goes.

The first episode featured a woeful cabaret act from SNP stalwarts Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond, as well as detailing Andy Murray’s sexual troubles on a less than steamy wedding night.

Rubber versions of Beyonce Knowles, Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Nigel Farage and Russell Brand are all to set to appear before the series’ end, and have already been unveiled.

Last week Jon Culshaw told Radio Times that Newzoids was "Spitting Image for the coalition age."

“Spitting Image created a feeling for the 80s that went with that era of politics," he said. "But it was an utterly different pace. Today you wonder if the media has become the opposition — it’s become the political classes against 24-hour media. It’s quicker, it's faster — one false word and it’s around the world like a Mexican wave.”

Newzoids continues tonight at 9pm on ITV


Beyonce, Boris, Obama, Brand - meet the stars of Newzoids


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