Newzoids: meet the impersonator behind the puppets

Dead Ringers' Jon Culshaw lampoons the latest generation of politicians in ITV's impressionist show

Recognise these faces? New satirical puppet show Newzoids is “Spitting Image for the coalition era”, says Jon Culshaw, who provided dozens of voices on Spitting Image and is now voicing the new crop of politicians on Newzoids.


“Spitting Image created a feeling for the 80s that went with that era of politics. But it was an utterly different pace. Today you wonder if the media has become the opposition — it’s become the political classes against 24-hour media. It’s quicker, it’s faster — one false word and it’s around the world like a Mexican wave.”

As for this generation’s crop: “David Cameron has a way of talking at a certain pace which is fast enough to not let any issue stick,” says Culshaw. And Nick Clegg: “There’s the real sad desperation of being unable to get anything done behind the eyes…” while Nigel Farage is, “the pub comedian — a pint in one hand and a ciggy in the other, churning out gags like a club comic”.

But his favourite is Ed Miliband who, “tries to be very sincere but is always one step away from an endearingly bumbling car crash.” Hopefully, Culshaw can pull the voices off more successfully when the series starts tonight.


Newzoids is on ITV tonight (Wednesday 15th April) at 9pm