Introducing Scrotal Recall…

Ben Dowell finds much to enjoy in the new comedy exploring the sexual adventures of a young man played by folk singer and actor Johnny Flynn

It’s hard to know what to expect from a programme called Scrotal Recall.


Chances are you’re not expecting a gentle and wryly amusing story of a young man looking for love – but with Channel 4’s new comedy, that’s exactly what you get.  

Dylan Witter (folk singer and actor Johnny Flynn) has just been diagnosed with the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia and he has to track down all his sexual partners to warn them that they may have it too. It’s a neat (if not entirely original) premise which allows him to reflect on his life so far with what promises to be many leaps back in time as he confronts all the women he has ever slept with.

Surprisingly perhaps, we are told quite early on that the love of Dylan’s life is his best friend Evie (Misfits actress Antonia Thomas) so it’s very much not a will they/won’t they kind of comedy.

On the evidence of episode one, the joy of this six-part series promises to be in Dylan’s hilarious (and usually hapless) encounters with women in the flashback scenes – starting with the horrific girlfriend he takes to the wedding at the beginning of episode one or the one he ends up in bed with at the end.

Guessing who his conquest is going to be as the episode progresses is part of the fun (will it to be the sexy vicar he seemed to hit it off with half way through? Or any number of the other drunk guests?)

Joining in is Dylan’s best mate Luke (Daniel Ings), a slightly cardboard lad on the surface but a man with a surprisingly decent heart when you look further.  Because as with the title, and a premise which is much sweeter than it sounds, appearances can often be deceptive in what could well be another comedy gem from Channel 4.


Scrotal Recall starts on Channel 4 on Thursday October 2