Netflix’s controversial black comedy Insatiable is coming back for a second season, picking up on a bullied teen’s campaign of revenge… and beauty pageants.


It’s based (loosely) on a 2014 New York Times article, ‘The Pageant King of Alabama’, which profiled straight-talking lawyer Bill Alverson, who preps aspiring beauty queens for a shot at pageant titles.

If you’re keen to see more of what critics hated and audiences loved, we’ve got all the info below.

When is Insatiable season 2 on Netflix?

It all kicks off again on 11th October – Netflix commissioned the second season in September 2018, for a shorter run of 10 episodes, compared to last season’s 12.

What’s Insatiable about – and what’s going to happen in season 2?

Insatiable begins with fat-shamed teen Patty (Debby Ryan, in a fat suit) hitting rock-bottom after an altercation with a homeless man leaves her in hospital, on an all-liquid diet. You see where they’re going here...

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Freshly slimmed down and – quelle surprise – secretly 'hot all along', Patty uses her new-found attractiveness to exact revenge on her sadistic classmates, enlisting the help of lawyer and beauty pageant coach Bob (Dallas Roberts). Needless to say, stakes are raised, plans derail and nothing goes all that well for anyone – including Patty.

Insatiable - season 2
Tina Rowden/Netflix

After the events of season one, Patty is now a murder suspect, and consumed by inner turmoil. Even so, she’ll still be entering into pageants, rapidly spiralling situations and generally antagonistic relationships with roughly everyone. Just because.

Who is joining the cast in season 2?

Alex Landi from Grey’s Anatomy and Vincent Rodriguez III from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are set to join the cast this season.

Is there a trailer for Insatiable season 2?


There is indeed – and it looks to be every bit as messy and unapologetic as the first season: