Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison denies reports of film sequel

The actor who plays Neil in the teen comedy says stories that he and the cast have signed up for a second film are untrue - and that he's keen to tackle other roles

It looks like Jay has been telling fibs again. Despite reports stating that a second Inbetweeners film is on the way, two of the show’s cast have said that no such plans have yet been made.  


Blake Harrison, who plays skilled dancer Neil, told that “it’s possible” he’ll work with co-stars Simon Bird, James Buckley and Joe Thomas again but suggestions that they’re reuniting any time soon are premature. “They’re putting stories out left, right and centre about a new Inbetweeners thing that apparently we’ve all signed up to. Which is not true: we haven’t signed up to anything,” he said.

Harrison went on to explain that, personally, he’s reluctant to re-visit the role of Neil – preferring, instead, to tackle new parts – and that the other actors may very well feel the same way.

“Whether there will be [a second film ] or not, I don’t know. I know that there is talk about it and we all enjoy working with each other, and I think we’d like to work with each other again. But everything has to be right to do that.

“For me, personally, I’m moving away from the Neil character and trying to do other things, so I’ve got to make sure I get a body of work behind me that shows me as a different character, or various different characters, before I would really go back to that, I think.”

“We’re all at an interesting point in our careers where we’re doing different things so everything has to be right for us to then go back and re-visit those characters. But we do enjoy working with each other and, as I say, The Sun and various other publications seem to think that we’re already signed up to a new movie, which I can tell you isn’t true.”

Meanwhile, Greg Davies, who plays the boys’ misanthropic head of year, Mr Gilbert, backed up Harrison’s claim when he spoke to us backstage at the Baftas last night. However, he appeared just a little keener to reprise his role.


“I don’t know if it’s happening yet. Everyone wants it to. I miss playing that psychopath.”