Greg Davies: series 2 of Man Down will explore Dan’s relationship with Rik Mayall’s Dad

Mayall’s character is likely to feature more in the second series of the hit C4 comedy

Man Down fans – good news: the second series of the Channel 4 comedy will see a lot more of the popular madcap dad played by Rik Mayall, who spends his whole time devising cruel and unpleasant practical jokes to play on his son Dan.


Mayall’s character will be more prominent in series two says Greg Davies, who plays hapless teacher Dan and also wrote the show.

“I am sure we will see a lot more of Mr Mayall. He is one of my comedy heroes,” Davies told, adding that he wants to further explore and explain the show’s relationships in series two – including understanding why Davies’ son and Mayall’s character have reached the point they have.

“Things like my relationship with my Dad – you just saw him attacking me without explanation,” said Davies. “We will look into that.”

Speaking at the Radio Times Covers Party, he added that he was delighted to have made the cover of the magazine.

“The Radio Times cover is the only thing in my whole career that validates my career for my parents,” he said. “I have never seen my mother happier.”