Man Down is back next month, charting more of the travails of Greg Davies’ hapless teacher Dan. But what do the cast make of watching the show themselves?


As the exclusive video below shows, they seem to enjoy their Gogglebox-style experiment.

Greg Davies got together with Roisin Conaty and Michael Wozniak – who play Dan’s friends idiotic Jo and uptight financial adviser Brian respectively - to watch themselves in action at a private cinema. And the results are rather enjoyable.

Davies reveals that a scene in which Dan decides to tone himself up with the help of a buff gym instructor is one of his favourite moments in the last series.

The instructor’s delivery of the line “it’s all gone mate” as he scanned Dan’s physique was comedy gold, says Davies, who still can’t believe that the two men acting together are actually part of the same species.

The new series of Man Down returns in June – sadly without the services of comedy legend Rik Mayall, who played Dan’s sadistic father and died last summer aged 56.

The part of Dan's tormentor was taken over by Stephanie Cole who played Aunt Nesta in last year's Christmas special. Her character will feature in the forthcoming series.

Man Down series 2 will air on Channel 4 in June 2015. There is more from Greg, Roisin and Mike on the new series of Man Down here


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