Girls series four: Hannah moves to Iowa and Marnie has an illicit romance in first official trailer

In this sneak peek at the new series of Lena Dunham's hit drama, the New York friends' lives look at dramatic as ever as they struggle through their 20s...

The first official trailer for Lena Dunham’s hit show Girls is here, and it looks as dark, funny and addictive as ever.


Hannah, played by Dunham, has moved to Iowa to attend a prestigious creative writing school while navigating her tumultuous relationship with boyfriend Adam. “Honestly, I feel like I made the right decision,” Hannah tells Marnie (Allison Williams). “I mean I’m eating grapes… as a snack!”

But – unsurprisingly – things soon begin to unravel.

Meanwhile, in New York, Marnie’s romance with Desi takes a turn for the worse, Jessa gets in trouble with the law and finally out of her student bubble, Shoshanna struggles with the real world.

Girls series 4 will premiere on 11th January 2015 on HBO and soon afterwards in the UK on Sky Atlantic.

Get a first look at the new series below…