Blake played simpleton Neil in The Inbetweeners and has since gone on to have small parts in BBC3's Him & Her, Reuniting the Rubins and White Van Man, where he played a (quite Neil-esque) burglar.

He appears in BBC3's assisted suicide comedy Way to Go which starts tonight.

Blake plays Scott, a girlfriend-less, medical school drop out who's working as a vet's receptionist. His current situation is dire and he's in desperate need of some cash, but when his terminally ill neighbour asks Scott to help him commit suicide a business idea is born...

Way To Go starts tonight at 10:00pm on BBC3.

Blake has also popped up in The Increasingly Bad Decisions of Todd Margaret, a series about a wildly under-qualified American heading up a company in the UK. Blake plays his sole employee, who enjoys making his boss seem even more foolish than he manages to himself...

The Increasingly Bad Decisions of Todd Margaret is starting on FOX on 22 January.


The 28-year-old Cambridge graduate is best known for his portrayal of geeky newcomer Will McKenzie, but he's done plenty since he left Will behind...

As well as winning 2008 Best Male Newcomer, 2009 Best Actor at the British Comedy Awards and being nominated for a BAFTA in 2009, Bird also created and hosted BBC3 comedy The King Is Dead - a series in which a public figure (Chief of Police, King of the Jungle, Father Christmas...) is killed off and a panel of comedians have to scour the Great British celebrity pool for a top notch replacement.

Since then Will, sorry, Simon, has starred in Channel 4's Friday Night Dinner, a show about a jewish family coming together for a chaotically hilariously dinner every Friday night. Simon plays struggling musician Adam who, though he is in his mid twenties, fights like a child with his brother and is constantly pestered by his parents about his single status.

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The comic genius also co-wrote and starred in Chickens - alongside another Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas - as part of Channel 4’s Comedy Showcase. The WW1 comedy has since been picked up by Sky1 and is set to premiere in Summer 2013. Keep your eyes peeled!


Looking at that fully fledged beard it'd be easy to think that Joe had left soppy Simon and Rudge Park Sixth Form a long way behind him... But he hasn't really. He's just gone to university.

Joe is currently playing Kingsley, a shy, accident prone and (until very recently) virginal fresher in Channel 4's Fresh Meat.

Sticking close to the eduction theme, Joe has also recently popped up in Comedy Central's Threesome as an over zealous maths teacher.


This may come as quite a surprise, but James actually started his career in the West End - and on the stage of Les Miserables no less. He then appeared in Teachers, The Bill and Holby City before transforming into vile-mouthed wannabe ladies man Jay in The Inbetweeners.

Once he'd left Jay happily coupled off on the beach in Malia (see The Inbetweeners Movie), just like Joe, James starred in a university comedy called Off the Hook (which hasn't reappeared since the end of its first series...)

He then went on to appear in The Comic Strip Presents... The Hunt For Tony Blair, a faux film noir satire starring the likes of Stephen Mangan, Robbie Coltrane and Jennifer Saunders. (James is just to the left at the beginning)


He also played the young Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses prequel, Rock & Chips. Can you think of a better fit for the actor who played Jay? We certainly can't...