Friends star Jennifer Aniston confronted her impressionist on Saturday Night Live

It was a symphony of Rachel Greens


In case you weren’t aware, for a while now Vanessa Bayer has been performing a rather brilliant impression of Rachel from Friends on Saturday Night Live, with the comedy performer’s take on Miss Green commenting on all sorts of current affairs while sporting a classic 90s hair/denim ensemble.


However, her latest take on the classic sitcom character was a little bit special – because Jennifer Aniston herself made an unexpected guest appearance to take Bayer to task for her impression of the role that made her name back in the 90s.


Of course, the animosity didn’t last long, and the pair were soon performing an impromptu symphony of high-pitched, upward-inflected Friends-inspired dialogue to make any fan flash back to the days when yelling “PIVOT!!!” was a hot topical reference. Happy days.