Friends turns 25 this week and, to mark the occasion, fans have nominated their favourite ever moment from across all 10 seasons.


25 classic scenes battled it out in a poll, with Joey and Chandler winning Monica and Rachel's apartment (in season four's 'The One with the Embryos') coming out on top with 14 per cent of the vote.

Friends quiz

In the classic episode, the gang take part in a quiz to prove which pair of roommates – Chandler and Joey, or Rachel and Monica – know the other better.

In the end, it's the girls' failure to remember what Chandler does for a living that sees them lose the contest and have to give up their apartment to their pals. (Clue: he's not a "transpondster" – that's not even a word.)

In a shock development, Joey and Chandler's ultimate victory beat Ross's sofa getting stuck in a stairwell – a.k.a. the famous "PIVOT!" moment from season five's 'The One with the Cop' – into second place, with that scene receiving just 11 per cent of the vote.

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The top 10 moments as voted for by readers are as follows:

  1. Joey and Chandler win Monica and Rachel’s apartment
  2. Ross’s sofa gets stuck in a stairwell (“PIVOT.”)
  3. Joey works out Chandler/Monica are sleeping together
  4. Monica teaches Chandler about sex. (“Seven!”)
  5. Rachel gets off the plane (in the final episode)
  6. Ross gets stuck in his leather pants
  7. Chandler and Phoebe's fake date
  8. The prom video ("He's her lobster!")
  9. Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes
  10. Ross/Rachel break up – again (“WE WERE ON A BREAK.”)

Friends first aired on 22nd September, 1994 in the US. This year also marked 10 years since the hit sitcom ended, with the final episode going out on 6th May, 2004.

Series co-creator David Crane told just last year that, as far as he and fellow writer Marta Kauffman are concerned, the show will never be revived or rebooted.

“It’s done, it’s done,” Crane insisted. “We put a bow on it, it’s done. We had 10 great years. God knows, if you want to see Friends, it’s on television…


“I think it’s giving into a notion of what people think they want, but if you give people what they want, how can it not be ultimately be disappointing?”