Friends’ Gunther actor responds to one major fan theory: “It makes a lot of sense”

"There are a lot of little Easter Eggs which are in there," says James Michael Tyler

Gunther - Friends

The gang in Friends spent most of their downtime inCentral Perk– and who can blame them when they always managed to bag the best spot in the house?


But how exactly did Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe always succeed in securing the coffee house’s finest piece of real estate, the couch?

Fans of the sitcom have latterly noticed that a ‘Reserved’ sign was placed on the table next to the coach, leading to a fan theory that it was Central Perk manager Gunther – who was besotted with Rachel – who’d been setting aside the sofa for the gang.

Friends - reserved couch

So when got the chance to sit down with Gunther actor James Michael Tyler, we couldn’t resist putting the question to him – was Gunther responsible for the friends’ prime seating spot?

“I read about that recently too,” Tyler revealed. “I never did that! That was probably one of the set designers, I’m guessing, maybe one of the writers… I’m not sure who was responsible for that. But I do remember seeing that [‘Reserved’ sign].

“It never really occurred to me why it was there, but it makes a lot of sense [that Gunther put it there] in retrospect. There are a lot of little Easter Eggs which are in there, that people will be looking for for years to come!”

So there you have it. Maybe not 100 per cent confirmation, but if even Gunther thinks Gunther was responsible for the sign, then that’s good enough for us.


Friends airs on Comedy Central. Fan event FriendsFest will also be coming to London with a festive revamp from 28th November to 21st December.