In "You're really old!" news, 22nd September 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Friends.


Yes, the Central Perk gang first appeared on US screens a full quarter of a century ago – and to distract ourselves from how aged this makes us feel, we here at have decided to focus our efforts on something celebratory.

To mark the hit sitcom's 25th birthday, we want YOU to vote for your all-time favourite Friends moment.

We've drawn up a shortlist of 25 - geddit? – moments to choose from and now it's up to you to pick the very best. (And remember – you're voting for your favourite moment, not just favourite episode overall.)

We'll reveal the winner on the anniversary day itself, September 22.

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So what are you waiting for? Get to voting! (And if you need a quick reminder of any of the moments listed, check out our handy recaps below the poll!)

Joey and Chandler win Monica and Rachel's apartment (from season 4, episode 12, 'The One with the Embryos')

Facing off in a quiz to decide which pair knows the other better, Joey and Chandler finally emerge victorious over Monica and Rachel in a nail-biting lightning round. ("He's a transpondser!" "That's not even a word!")

Chandler and Monica sleep together (from season 4, episode 24, 'The One with Ross's Wedding – Part 2')

The two get together in London, unbeknownst to the rest of the gang – a one-night stand that blossomed into true love. Awww.

Joey works out Monica and Chandler are sleeping together (from season 5, episode 5, 'The One With the Kips')

It was the eyelash curler that gave it away – one of Matt LeBlanc's finest Friends moments, as Joey gradually puts the pieces together...

A half-naked Chandler is handcuffed to a filing cabinet (from season 4, episode 3, 'The One With The Cuffs')

This made the shortlist just for the moment where Chandler accidentally hits his head – we're still not sure if it was scripted or not...

Rachel makes trifle... with beef (from season 6, episode 9, 'The One Where Ross Got High')

"Custard, good ... jam, good ... meat,GOOD!"

Ross and Rachel break up – again (“WE WERE ON A BREAK.”) (from season 4, episode 1, 'The One with the Jellyfish')

Their short-lived reunion ends when Ross reveals he didn't read Rachel's letter blaming him for their break-up. "You had rambled on for 18 pages... FRONT AND BACK."

Ross gets stuck in his leather pants (from season 5, episode 11, 'The One With All The Resolutions')

In our opinion, the finest example of the 'Ross gets humiliated' sub-genre, just edging out the spray tan incident and the bleached teeth.

Ross’s sofa gets stuck in a stairwell (“PIVOT.”) (from season 5, episode 16, 'The One with the Cop')

"Pivot! Pivot! PIVOT!" "Shut-up! Shut-up! SHUT-UPPPP!"

Ross, Chandler and Joey played Bamboozled (from season 8, episode 20, 'The One With The Baby Shower')

Joey auditions to be the host of a complex new quiz show and Ross and Chandler get way too into helping him prepare. "This is the best game ever!"

Paul (Bruce Willis) is a neat guy (from season 6, episode 22, 'The One Where Paul's the Man')

Ross finally gets one up on his girlfriend's hostile father after he secretly spies Paul (Bruce Willis) giving himself a pep talk in the mirror.

Ross and Chandler perform Joey’s script (“Could I *be* more sorry?”) (from season 5, episode 10, 'The One With The Inappropriate Sister')

Joey ends a brief feud between Ross and Chandler by having them take on characters in his screenplay. And then... a handsome man enters.

Ross says Rachel's name at his wedding to Emily (from season 4, episode 24, 'The One with Ross's Wedding – Part 2')

"Take thee, Rachel..." *gasp*

Joey teaches "smell the fart" acting (from season 2, episode 11, 'The One with the Lesbian Wedding')

Joey teaches the gang his technique for buying time when he forgets his lines...

Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time (from season 2, episode 7, 'The One Where Ross Finds Out')

One of the all-time greatest TV smooches, preceded by Ross discovering Rachel has feelings for him. "You're over me? When were you... under me?

The prom video ("He's her lobster!") (from season 2, episode 14, 'The One With The Prom Video')

Ross and Rachel kiss again, this time embarking on a relationship, after the gang watch back an old family movie in which Ross plans to step in as Rachel's prom date, only to be cruelly let down at the last minute.

Rachel gets off the plane (from season 10, episode 18, 'The Last One')

Rachel gives up a dream job in Paris to stick with Ross in New York. True love! (Or a huge mistake, depending on who you ask.)

Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes (from season 3, episode 2, 'The One Where No One's Ready')

The natural response to Chandler stealing his underwear. "Look at me, I'm Chandler – could I be wearing anymore clothes?"

Chandler sings 'Space Oddity' (from season 5, episode 19, 'The One Where Ross Can't Flirt')

Cut out of an episode of Law & Order, Joey quickly records a fake scene on a camcorder so as not to disappoint his grandmother... only for the video to then cut to Chandler belting out Bowie in his apartment. Utterly surreal and, gloriously, never explained.

Ross and Monica do 'The Routine' (from season 6, episode 10, 'The One With the Routine')

The only surefire way to get on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

Ross discovers Rachel and Joey kissing ("I'M FINE.")

"I don't know why it's comin' out all loud and squeaky, 'cause really... I'M FINE."

Chandler and Phoebe's fake date (from season 5, episode 14, 'The One Where Everybody Finds Out')

The messers become the messies, as Chandler and Monica face off with Phoebe and Rachel to see who'll crack first. ("I'm very happy we're gonna have all the sex.")

Chandler’s mystery woman is Janice (from season 2, episode 24, 'The One With Barry And Mindy's Wedding')

A classic Friends cliffhanger, as season two ends with Chandler finally meeting a mystery woman he's been talking to via a dating website... only to discover it's his ex Janice. OH MY GOD, indeed.

Ross is revealed as the father of Rachel's baby (from season 8, episode 2, 'The One With the Red Sweater')

"Hey, my sweater!" *cue stunned gasps from the audience at this BRAND NEW INFORMATION*

"MY SANDWICH?!" (from season 5, episode 9, 'The One With Ross' Sandwich')

Ross is on the edge and loses it completely when his boss Donald admits he ate his leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. To be fair, it did have a moist maker. And Donald threw half of it in the trash. What a jerk.


Monica teaches Chandler about sex ("Seven!") (from season 4, episode 11, 'The One with Phoebe's Uterus')

Worried he won't measure up to Joey in bed, Chandler asks the girls for advice on how to impress new girlfriend Kathy. The end result is one of Monica's finest moments.