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Friday Night Dinner creator denies rumours the series is ending: "That's news to me!"

Good news for fans of the Goodmans' gatherings.

Friday Night Dinner series 6
Channel 4
Published: Wednesday, 25th March 2020 at 10:00 am

The past few weeks have been an emotional time to be a Friday Night Dinner fan: yes, Channel 4's amazing sitcom is returning this Friday (27th March), but rumours have also been swirling that this might be the last series.


Simon Bird, who plays Adam, recently suggested that the upcoming sixth series was "probably the end" of the show – even more upsetting for loyal viewers than when Wilson died.

But we have good news! Speaking to, series creator/writer Robert Popper has suggested that Friday Night Dinner might not be ending after all.

"That’s news to me!" Popper said.

He continued: "Simon said it feels like it could be the last one. Well, I’ve no plans to end it now."

Though Channel 4 is yet to order any additional episodes, Popper told us that there's a good chance he'll be writing more stories featuring the Goodman family (played by Bird, Tom Rosenthal, Tamsin Greig and Paul Ritter) and their bizarre neighbour Jim (Mark Heap) in future.

"You know, whenever you make a TV series, you always think, ‘Well, that’s probably our lot' – you never really know," Popper explained.

"But obviously, the show has now become successful, which is lovely. So you’d like to think they’d do it again. I think they would. But it’s also down to me, if I want to do it again. So I always have to think: do I want to do it again or not?"

He concluded: "I love writing it. So who knows? I haven’t got a thought like 'I want to end it'."

Sounds like we can expect at least a few more servings of squirrel and crimble crumble then...


Friday Night Dinner returns to Channel 4 on Friday (27th March) at 10pm – check out what else is on with our TV Guide


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