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You can now visit the Fleabag guinea pig cafe

Expect to see plenty of Fleabag Easter eggs

Fleabag Cafe (BBC screenshot)
Published: Thursday, 14th November 2019 at 1:11 pm

Yes, Fleabag may be well and truly over (much to our general dismay), but there’s a small slice of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s cult comedy left to enjoy.


The Piccadilly Circus branch of Waterstones has recreated our nameless hero’s guinea pig-themed café on their third floor to celebrate the release of Fleabag: The Scriptures. The brand new book features a selection of material and scripts from the original series, as well as new writing from Waller-Bridge.

The recreation of the café is fairly faithful, featuring guinea-pig artwork and pictures of Hilary, the hamster that belonged to Boo – Fleabag’s dearly-departed best friend in the series.

Other Easter eggs to keep your eyes peeled for include the infamous gold bust that Fleabag stole from her wicked Godmother – who was expertly played in the series by Olivia Colman and photos of Boo (played by Jenny Rainsford).

While it’s a fairly uncanny replica, you won’t be able to shell out over £12 for a cheese sandwich as the mock café doesn’t sell food – and the guinea pigs lurking in hutches are all toys, so there’s no fear of Hilary escaping into the mean streets of London.

Elsewhere, Waller-Bridge has recently teased that the Fleabag TV series almost had a radically different ending.

“There was an idea for an alternative ending, but I’ll never say what it was…” Waller-Bridge told the Guardian as part of an extended piece where creatives and other public figures asked her questions about the series (in this case, playwright Jack Thorne asked “Did you ever consider an ending where the Priest – I refuse to call him Hot Priest – said yes?”)

“I was passionate about the character and the reveal of her story,” she said. “I was proud of that. I think that’s all you can really hope for when writing; that you create a character you would defend, however awful they are. I’d do the same for [Killing Eve’s] Villanelle. I’d go down fighting for my girls."

The Waterstones Fleabag guinea pig cafe at Piccadilly is open from November 12th- 17th


Fleabag is available to stream on BBC iPlayer 


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